Christie Cramer

Christie's bright and bold "Revealing the Positive" series has been a winner. Stunning colours in a watercolour-like way that will brighten any space.

Since 2014 she has been a full time artist, working from her studio in Papamoa. Her work has been shown, and sold, in several exhibitions and galleries in the Tauranga area and her popularity has resulted in several commissions.

Christie works mainly in acrylics. She first painted representational work in a quite literal manner but has now moved into a looser form. She allows colours to freely mix on the canvas, leading her on to find images in the work, creating paintings which retain an organic feel from their free and random beginnings.

Christie’s main inspiration has always been light. The way light plays on the subject or recently the way dappled light is implied in the colours that appear on her canvas.
“When I create my work it is a release from the stress of modern life for me. It is intended do the same for the viewer.”