4 Ways to make Buying an Art Gift Easy

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It can be challenging to buy art as a gift for someone.  Second-guessing your choice can just make you abandon the idea altogether. You start to think that art is a personal choice and who are you to impose your taste on others.

But the impact of a well chosen gift of art can last for a long time. The art you get is likely to be unique, possibly one of a kind, and not produced in the thousands by a massive corporate in China. You just need some simple strategies to get it right.

Here are 4 sure-fire was to make everyone smile.

Get something you know they like.

Before you say “Well, duh!” there is one way to get to a position where you “KNOW” and are not guessing; you get them to tell you.

Bring them to Macandmor and take note of what they spend more time on. They may even be as helpful as to say “I like this” and hold it up for you.  If they aren’t forthcoming,  ask them which piece is their favourite.

Get something that fits with what they already have

Perhaps your friend surrounds themselves with images of particular subjects; maybe flowers or animals. Get them some art that adds to their collection. Something that is just a little different than what they already have; different so that it can live in the collection but add to it at the same time.

Maybe they decorate their house in a particular style – maybe they love vintage or bright colours. Take note of what you see and try to find something that will fit.

Get our 30 day Insurance

It’s free. It is simply our undertaking that, if the recipient doesn’t want to keep it, we’ll take it back if it is still in the purchase condition. We can work with them to pick something else, or refund the money to you. So that takes all the risk away.

Get a gift voucher

This works well if your friend has eclectic tastes or you can’t get a handle on what they would like.

Some gift vouchers expire when you forget about them or don’t get around to it. We won’t let that happen - we won’t let your friend forget they have one to spend. Our vouchers have the advantage of being able to be supplemented by the giftee to purchase a piece that you couldn’t stretch to – you might prompt them to get the piece they have been longing for!

There you go. Sorted. Some final words of advice...


Keep it small and inexpensive.

Small work is more likely to fit somewhere in your friend's home and will also be easier to post. Inexpensive pieces can be just as meaningful and interesting as large pieces. Leave the purchase of large, feature pieces to them. 

Think about Kids

An artwork as a gift for a young person can be hugely inspiring for them. It could start them on a path of art appreciation that will last a lifetime. Your gift will ‘give’ a lot longer than that doll, gun, or game you were thinking of.

Give yourselves a present

We see this a lot. People decide to give themselves the gift of art - they often phrase it as a gift to the house but it is really for them. It is usually a couple's strategy to combine the money they would spend on each other on two average gifts into one great gift they can both enjoy.

Thanks for reading. Happy Shopping. 

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