Kererū in the Loquat Tree Print - Macandmor
Zoe Sizemore

Kererū in the Loquat Tree Print

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A common sight in New Zealand backyards. This tree however is controversial amongst New Zealand conservationists. This juxtaposition Zoe found is the perfect example of taking sides. In a Facebook group Zoe read the comments section where there was a heated debate about whether these trees, planted to feed our people and wildlife, were pests or valuable produce. Both sides had valid arguments and demonstrated that there are always two sides to any argument. In school we were taught to debate - yet as adults we’ve moved into a time of mud slinging and division - somehow losing the art of the battle. Many have fond memories of catching the cheeky Kererū in the loquat tree over the years. An example of harmony evolving from a constantly shifting and changing ecosystem.

Zoe's work is available in Fine Art Smooth Pearl from Ilford and provides excellent sharpness on a smooth pearl surface. The acid-free paper has a bright white tint and offers a cellulose alternative for eye-catching contrast and sharpness. Additionally, the paper has a large color gamut and is well suited for both color and black and white printing.

Reproduction of  an original acrylic painting
Limited to 20 prints.
Size = A3 (297mm x 420mm)

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