Breezing By - Macandmor
Mandy Williams

Breezing By

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The iconic breeze blocks of the 60/70s, with Kermit popping his head through.  This Giclee is from Mandy's new series called Blue Sky Days

All the pieces in the series are available as a beautiful limited edition Giclee art prints, printed onto German Etch art paper 310gsm with the finest inks. Limited to 50 prints. Framed in plantation grown timbers from New Zealand. 

Reproduction of  an original acrylic painting

Medium = 320 x 450mm.  Frame size 16" x 20" (406.5mmx580mm).  290mm round image

Large = 380 x 450. Frame size 20" x 24" (580mmx610mm).  390mm round image

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