Gill Brodie

Gill is an awarded and published digital artist. She has won, it seems, nearly every level of award with her works. She has exhibited with the North Shore Salon of Photography and The Photographic Society of NZ and you may have seen some of her images published in Photo Art and NZ Camera.
Her work covers a lot of genre: portraits, landscapes, abstracts, and montage, often with spiritual feel about them. Her style is constantly changing and evolving depending on “my mood at the time and the subject matter”. She tells us her ideas spring from something seen, read, touched, or heard.
Even an aroma can be the start of an idea. Each image is then worked with layers of colours, textures and images either added or removed. When the right sense of peace is reached it is finished. But often the images are left with some mystery for the viewer to find their own meaning or story to explain – that is when they make it their own.

Gill runs a Fine Art printing business in Tauranga, which is recognized as an award winning fine art print company attaining gold medals at the National Pride in Print awards. (This is the equivalent of the Olympic games of printing.) She is an Associate of the Photographic Society of NZ