Mending #24 - Macandmor
Constanza Briceno

Mending #24

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Collection 2022 "MENDING"

This collection has been inspired by the act of mending. By the meaning of rescuing, redoing and reusing.
Constanza works with the juxtaposition of colours and textures, and endless superposition of them on many layers. Layers that together tell the story behind.
I cover and re-cover the mistakes
I sort, match and align the shapes and colours
I repeat forms in rows, in columns
I outline
I scrape and repair

Submerge yourself into this colourful world of imperfections.  Any of these pieces will bring joy to your special place.

These 42cm x 30 cm (16" x 12") prints are archival quality digital reproductions (high quality fine art prints) on acid free 275gsm textured matte paper.
They come with hard back and cellophane sleeve for protection and will look best framed.

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