Self Portrait #4
Volker Hawighorst

Self Portrait #4

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Volker creates his art with recycled -probably more correctly "repurposed" - bread bag tags. He creates works that are pieces of abstract art that almost always have a back story. They have a texture and resolution that most painting techniques can not deliver.

This work uses the tags to create an image of a tag - hence the name "Self Portrait".

Volker says "A disposable everyday object, touched by many individuals, represents futility and inattention and is only registered in passing – if noticed at all. "

The presentation exaggerates the tag's importance by presenting it as an icon, logo, or trademark, and the title of “Self Portrait”, initiates a process of problem perception. Striding past the object creates an effect of clarification and partial obfuscation. 

Image Height in cm: 28
Image Width in cm: 33

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