Passage to Peace - Macandmor
Passage to Peace - Macandmor
Passage to Peace - Macandmor
Christie Cramer

Passage to Peace

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During the confusion, as Coronavirus started to become a common word in our daily lives, priorities of what was important in life started to come to the fore. The serenity and haven of Christie's daily beach walks suddenly became even more essential.

"This work evokes the emotion as we pass from our busy lives into a place of safety or a haven. It reminds us that in times of stress and sadness there is still beauty in the world."

You'll notice these natural and landscape works of Christie's to be completely different to her 'Revealing the Positive' series. She loves to be able to switch modes depending on what the subject requires and what she feels like painting.  Christie lives close to the beach so it is only natural that she will see things on her almost daily walks that just have to be captured. Space, distance, and unusual objects or views are common themes.


60 x 90cm  Painted edge


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