Number 28 - Macandmor
Number 28 - Macandmor
Stuart Sims

Number 28

Regular price $1,200.00

The morning sun catches the old bach meter cupboard as the shadows that it casts streak across the weatherboards.

This oil painting will look great in a modern setting and will also really make a statement when displayed in a vintage themed setting. Edges are painted so can go on the wall as is.

What colours would it contrast well with? Well Blue is a cool colour and goes well with a lot of other colours. It sits well with Browns from deep through to bieges. It contrasts well with warm colours like oranges and reds.  It will sit well on neutrals too - if you have a grey or white based theme this will work magic.

Would look great in a tray frame to suit that we can source for you for an additional $300

101 x 76 cm, Oil on canvas. 

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