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Moist is a word that is controversial; offensive to many, a simple adjective to others.

This piece is designed to be both beautiful and challenging, depending on your beliefs. Moist is one of those words that people despise for many reasons - the way the letters sound irritates our ears and the images conjured up by natural bodily functions disturb some people.

For Clare it is an adjective. Nothing more. But here she has played on the offence caused by the word. Contained within a flowing iris petal shape are plenty of moisture loving plants, a female weta, a tree frog, and a NZ flax snail. The viewer has to work to see the main image; hills that form a woman lying back with her thriving 'lady garden', a well placed iris and subtle lettering in the vines.

The idea is the viewer will see the details first, then realise there is more to the image and change the initial reaction.

Limited edition of 25 prints taken from the original ink drawing. A3 print

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