Rae Waterhouse

Rae does big. Big paintings of high impact.

She paints landscapes with acrylics on canvas, often using photographic images as a guide.  She takes enormous delight in the quality and flexibility of acrylics and the challenge of mastering this medium (but look out for some in oils with her big statement flower paintings).  Rae won the Popular Choice Award at the second exhibition she entered her work in - the Franklin Art Festival 2010.  

 She discovered her talent for painting in her early 50’s, and is entirely self-taught.  Therefore her influences are simply that of her own vision –  so the viewer does not need to “interpret” her paintings, just move into the painting and enjoy.   She is very passionate about transferring the beauty and power of nature on to canvas in a way that enhances the scene yet retains the essence and magic of nature’s beauty.