Michelle Estall

Michelle is a self- taught artist that predominantly works in acrylic on canvas. Her figurative works are often inspired by faces and the expressions and idiosyncrasies that make each one unique. Of Maori and Croatian decent Michelle often includes Maori imagery through her work.

Her most recent work explores Maori myths and legend. “Legends are created and used by cultures the world over to entertain and educate audiences, the Maori culture is no exception. Our heritage has provided a limitless source of inspiration and delight. From the creation of the universe to the origins of gods, it is in the retelling of such legends that values and information have been handed from one generation to the next. It is my hope that the viewer gets lost in this magical world too and my work keeps this dialogue going for future generations.”
Titoro Whakamuri, Kokiri Whakamua
Look back and reflect, so you can move forward.