Marion Murphy

Marion presents us with spectacular Objet d’art created with collage / decoupage on glass. She uses unifying beautiful colour, pattern,and form to create a uniquely interesting piece.  Her bold and imaginative collage adds flair and grace to pieces and allow us to see new beauty in the shape.

She is often inspired and influenced by the glass shape. She visualises the concept and composition well before her physical processes begin. Marion’s art reflects a sense of movement, she happily throws realism and scale out the window adding hidden elements and entwining layers.  Her designs use colour and form full of interest and fun - the more you look the more you see.

Marion is a self-taught artist living in Papamoa.  

Collage, as an art form, is believed to have originated in Eastern Siberia as tomb art  practiced by nomadic tribes using felt. By the 12th century Chinese and Japanese artists were creating wonderful works on wood and glass from cut papers. Glass collage is a little-known practice in the Southern hemisphere however it is well established in Europe and USA/Canada.