Angela Maritz

A distinctive free and loose style that just looks great in so many settings. Her paintings suit modern and traditional interiors. 

Angela's work presents you with a sense of freedom, she layers her paint with loose brushstrokes and bold harmonious colour, depicting the beauty of our world.

She has realised that her best work comes from that place deep inside - when she allows her brush to just move and add colour to the canvas in what would seem an illogical manner, for the work to be an emotional response to pent up dreams or the freedom of expression, where she sings at the top of her lungs. She will sometimes slap the paint onto the canvas in a manner that shouts - I’m not worried about where this may lead…I will follow. All her work starts in this way. It’s honest.

For you it is more than just a picture on a wall, it will remind you of somewhere you’ve been or something you have felt and will bring you much joy for years to come.

Angela works from her home studio in Matua, Tauranga. She exhibits extensively worldwide.